Thursday, June 7, 2012

A quick study

oil on linen, 10x20"

Several years ago, three tiny peony plants appeared in my yard. I did not plant them and had no idea where they came from, but they decided they liked the place and grew happily since then. 

The thing I learned (yes, the hard way) that once I start taking care of my plants, they dwindle and eventually die. Not that I'm doing something stupid, wrong or eccentric... But it just happens. So this time, I tried very hard to pretend that I did not notice the newcomers. And boy, they were so grateful! 

I now have gorgeous pink flowers every June. The only problem is it usually rains here for days and days right at the time they bloom. The huge flowers become so soggy and heavy that the stems can't support them. I wait till they can't stand it anymore, cut them, put them in a vase and paint them. 

So here is my annual painting of pink peonies.